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a SBML models for KEGG available (2008/08/07) new
KEGG metabolic pathways are converted by KEGG2SBML Ver.1.5 to SBML level 2 version1 and version3 format.

a CellDesigner4.0 Released! (2008/08/04) new

CD40b CD40notation

a News featured on the FCSB 2008 workshop: (2008/4/7)
3 papers from us are ranked in the Top 10 download of Nature Molecular Systems Biology (October 2007) (2007/12/7)

CellDesigner4.0beta Released! (2007/12/07)

y Publications update (2007/11/15)Kitano Book

  • New Book in Japanese : 北野宏明・竹内薫, したたかな生命, ダイヤモンド社,
    ISBN-13: 978-4478810033
ICSB-2006 ICSB 2006
October 8 - 13, 2006
in Yokohama, Japan
Pacifico Yokohama

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Kitano Symbiotic Systems Project in Phase II
JST ERATO Kitano Symbiotic Systems Project (1998-2003) was concluded at September, 2003. New project has started as JST ERATO-SORST program. The project now focuses on systems biology, which would continue for 5 years.

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